Corporate Plus Membership


Single Organisation(*3 named individuals)

Membership Access

  • Members’ Resource Library
  • Group Tutorial Resources
  • Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Regional Meetings
  • Members’ Forum
  • **1 hour online or telephone support

Membership Discounts

  • Training & Development Resources
  • Local & National Training Events
  • FETN Annual Conference
  • Bespoke In-house Training
  • Preparation for Inspection & Post-Inspection Planning
  • Quality Standard Accreditation
  • FETN Professional Recognition
  • Consultancy, Review and Audit Services

* Includes the option to purchase further access to resources, members’ forum, webinars, regional meetings and discounted events, at a cost of £50 per additional member.

**1 hour online or telephone support for each of the 3 named members to assist with individual coaching & CPD, organisational strategic & policy development and quality review. Alternatively there is the option for the three hours to be taken as a single visit to work collectively with the named members (travel costs will apply). Please contact us for pricing details for groups or multi-site organisations.

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