Quality Improvement

The QSA process is a journey towards excellence. Your QSA Consultant will be on-hand to guide you every step of the way, acting as your critical friend. They will provide expertise and guidance on working towards accreditation and advice on how to use the process for your annual self-assessment, preparation for inspection and quality improvement. To recognise your organisation’s achievement you will receive a certificate and licence to display the relevant QSA logo on your materials, website and other social media for the period of accreditation.

The QSA Suite comprises three separate Quality Standard Accreditations:
QSA1: Supporting Individual Progress and Development
QSA2: Providing Pastoral Support and Wellbeing
QSA3: Supporting Personal, Social and Wider Skills Development
Each Quality Standard leads you to consider three aspects of provision:
A. Practice and Engagement
B. Management and Co-ordination
C. Continuous Quality Improvement
In order to achieve FETN accreditation you will be asked to reflect on and demonstrate how you, your colleagues and your organisation as a whole work effectively to meet the QSA specification. Your QSA Consultant will be on hand to guide you through the process as a critical friend. They will provide advice and guidance on the accreditation process, how you can improve areas of your provision and how to use the process to prepare for inspection.