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Personal Tutor Training Pack: How to be an Outstanding Tutor

About the Training

This is a comprehensive tutor training pack for individuals undertaking a personal tutoring, mentoring or coaching role supporting learners within Further Education and Training Sector. The training is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced tutors and to reflect the requirements of the National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring.

The training can be either completed as a self-directed distance learning pack or it can be delivered as part of an in-house training programme.

The pack contains 124 pages of essential information, guidance and self-assessment activities to enhance individuals’ tutoring skills and knowledge and encourage them to reflect on their own tutoring practice. The training covers all aspects of the personal tutoring role across six modules:

  1. Understanding the personal tutor role, responsibilities and relationship
  2. Facilitating individual learning and development
  3. Enabling learners to recognise, develop and apply transferable skills
  4. Supporting Learners’ academic, personal and welfare needs
  5. Supporting individuals’ transition and progression
  6. Contributing to the quality and impact of personal tutoring

Download a sample of the resource content from this page

Benefits of the Training

  • Professional, cohesive and cost effective way to improve the quality of tutorial provision across the organisation
  • The FETN Certificate of Completion provides evidence of relevant professional development which may be used to prepare for inspection or other external quality assurance processes.
  • Improves tutors’ knowledge, skills and confidence in their tutoring role
  • Enables tutors to understand and embed the National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring into their daily practice
  • Rewards and motivates tutors through professional recognition of their role and their contribution to learners’ and the organisations’ success.
  • May be used to prepare for the Ascentis Level 3 Certificate in Personal Tutoring
  • Written by Dr. Sally Wootton originating author of the National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring, Founder of FETN and member of the Expert Panel for Professional Standards and Workforce Development with the Education and Training Foundation.

How to purchase

This training pack is available as a PDF document for you to print as required. Every pack will be assigned a Portfolio Number for each individual taking part in the training. This number will be used to confirm completion of the course and to produce the Certificate of Completion provided by FETN.

Introductory Offer:

Resource No: 1502 Title: Personal Tutor Training Pack: How to be an Outstanding Tutor
FETN Members: £35 for each individual pack
Non-Members: £45 for each individual pack
Once your order has been received we will send you a copy of the training pack together with your assigned portfolio number(s).

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