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The Impact of COVID-19 on Students & Their Learning

02 July 2020

Find out how COVID-19 has impacted on your students, their learning & future plans

Each week FETN has brought together colleagues from across the UK FE and Training sector to discuss all aspects of tutorial, support and wider skills development.

During recent online meetings we have explored how we are supporting students during lockdown and shared our ideas relating to preparations for welcoming our returning and new students in September.

Colleagues felt strongly that we need to understand our students’ experiences during lockdown, how they have coped and what they need for a positive return. In response to this I have prepared a student questionnaire ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on You and Your Studies‘. The survey explores:

  • How students feel about their experience during lockdown
  • Whether or not they have been directly impacted by the virus
  • How they have coped practically and emotionally with studying from home
  • How well they feel they have been supported by their college or training organisation
  • What they feel they need to enable them to return safely and confidently
  • What questions or concerns they have regarding their current studies and plans for progression

The survey will remain open until Friday 17th July. A headline report of the findings will be published on the FETN Website and in addition, you can request a copy of the student responses for your own organisation by emailing us at

To participate in this UK wide survey, send a request to your students and include this link for them to access the questionnaire

Thank you for supporting this survey

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