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FETN Outstanding Personal Tutor Award

22 May 2019

The Personal Tutor role has become increasingly important over recent years and has changed significantly in both the of level responsibility it carries for learners’ progress and achievement, and in the way the role is structured across the sector. New job titles have emerged such as Tutor, Mentor, Learning Coach and Tutor/Assessor, to name but a few.

The introduction of the National Occupational Standards for Personal Tutoring recognises tutoring (in all its guises) as a profession in its own right, and has become the bedrock for further innovation and development to improve the quality and outcomes of tutoring for our learners. FETN believes that it is now time to recognise those dedicated to this professional role.

The FETN Outstanding Personal Tutor Award is designed to give recognition to tutors who provide extraordinary service to the students and their learning community. The award will acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of staff whose primary responsibility is to support individual learners to develop and progress. The Outstanding Personal Tutor Award recognises innovative tutoring techniques, the quality of practice, the impact an individual tutor makes and the standards to which they work.

Nominations are invited from across the Further Education and Training sector and open to anyone undertaking a 1:1 role supporting learners to achieve. Job titles for relevant nominees may include, but are not restricted to Tutor, Mentor, Learning Coach and Tutor/Assessor.

The winner of the Outstanding Personal Tutor Award will be announced at the FETN Annual Conference on Friday 22nd November 2019. Finalists will be notified in Early November and invited to attend.

We are delighted to announce that eSafe Global are sponsoring this Award and will be present at the FETN Annual Conference. To learn more about our Award sponsor please visit the eSafe Global website

For further details of the Award criteria and how to nominate a colleague please download the Nomination Guidelines and Nomination Form from this page. The closing date for nominations is 5:00pm on Wednesday 23rd October 2019.

General enquiries with regards to making an application should be sent to Please note, in the interests of fairness and impartiality details relating to individual nominations cannot be discussed.

We look forward to receiving your nomination and wish you good luck.

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